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In the land of The Great Notebook a legendary hero fights to save the people from the encroaching Ink Empire. To stop this threat you must enter one of the enemy strongholds and defeat their general, the mighty Lord Ballpoint.

Explore the Ink Dungeon filled with monsters and devilishly complex puzzles. Ballpoint won't go down without a fight however so be prepared to fight his lieutenants in order to reach him. Using your own skills as a hero and even using the Ink Empire's own abilities against them in riveting turn-based combat, surely you can defeat this grave threat!


Jonathan Way: https://jonathanway.wixsite.com/jonathanway

Jared Bronstein: https://jaredbronstein159.wixsite.com/jaredbronstein

Erin Gruenwedel: https://www.eringruenwedel.com 

Eric Lovelock: http://ericklovelock.com 

Sophia Alford: https://scalford1178.wixsite.com/mysite-1

Adrian Burk

Christopher Dammann

Install instructions

Download the zip.

unzip it.

play the .exe inside it and your good to go.


Paper Dungeon.zip 30 MB

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